Projects and people that I know, and you should know.

Dancers of NY

James Jin is a great photographer with a terrific vision. I met James while in a regional theatre production cast with his lovely wife, Alicia. James and Alicia were making plans to move to NY and figuring out their next steps - where they would live, where they would work... I’m so glad to see how far his vision has gone. Dancers of NY brings awareness to whom I strongly feel are the underdogs of the entertainment industry in the toughest city in the world. It’s our struggle, and he’s graciously trying to document it, one subway stop at a time. You can find his images on all the usual places - facebook, twitter, instagram - but I recommend following the official blog. PS - James is also a headshot photographer... He took my latest shots, and I couldn't be more pleased!

The Empowerment Project

Sarah Moshman is one of the smartest and most inspiring ladies I know working in the film industry as well as an excellent documentarian. Her latest doc, “The Empowerment Project,” features an all female production company (Heartfelt Productions), and is currently screening across the country. As a backer, I can’t wait to see where this doc goes!

Real Men Lift Women

Created by my friend and professional dancer, Scott Corr, this company intends to help break gender roles and stereotypes of men in the dance community. Proceeds from their awesome merchandise go toward scholarships for men pursuing dance education and careers - a cause I find extremely worthy, as I am often lifted by men!