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“Daria DeGaetano, with a strong soprano voice, brings warmth and energy to the role of Skyes’ girlfriend Nancy...” Neil Novelli,

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A Chorus Line

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"...[Cassie] Played by the captivating Daria DeGaetano...unforgettable dancing. She utilized the entire stage in her emotional dance performance..." - Jo Rozycki, RVA Magazine

"Daria DeGaetano plays Cassie, the soloist who wishes to return to the chorus line, with elegance and poise...dancing her heart out on an empty stage..." - Claire Boswell, Style Weekly

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Sister Act

"The leads are brilliantly supported by the remarkably talented, highly skilled and irresistible ensemble. Tracy Byrd, Aisha Curtiss, Daria Degaetano, Trevor Dorner, Katie Mercier Miller, Jessi St. George and Lorin Zackular are first rate." Nancy K. Wellard, The Island Packet

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Thoroughly Modern Millie

"The talent level involved with this production is very high...With silliness, poignancy, humor and truth, Thoroughly Modern Millie is a wonderful show.  Fun for all ages, this production is definitely worth seeing." - Kristen Weyer, New York Theatre Guide

"...including the offices at Sincere Trust, where [Millie] lands a stenography job (“Speed Test,” ably assisted by Daria DeGaetano)." - Steve Parks, Newsday

"I really could go on and on about the entire company; they are all truly remarkable...." - Melissa Giordano,

"...the singing, acting and dancing are all solid. ...a production that is often pleasant and entertaining." Aileen Jacobson, The New York Times

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Zuccotti Park: A musical about the human side of economics

"While the musical tries to clarify some of the issues in which Occupy took root, often via satirical song-and-dance numbers, it is through these personal tales that Zuccotti Park truly shines. Its multi-racial, multi-generational cast displays how economic imbalance strikes every aspect of society, and transcends the boundaries we create." - Emily Cordes, Theatre Is Easy

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"Fringe NYC Announces shold out shows..."

"The Fringe festival hot button theater..." The Wall Street Journal

"ON YOUR FEET Luis Salgado to direct..."

Miracle on 34th Street, the Musical

"And so, Miracle On 34th Street is certainly another hit for the Engeman. A wonderful cast and a classic story make for a thrilling night of theatre this holiday season." - Melissa Giordano,

"Miracle on 34th Street is a heartwarming, holiday treat for the whole family." - Kristen Weyer, New York Theatre Guide

"Richard T. Dolce...has managed, with the help of an engaging cast, to ultimately turn it into an enjoyable mess." -  Aileen Jacobson, New York Times

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Hello, Dolly!

“The voices have always been good but…Daria DeGaetano as Irene Molloy [has] taken it to new levels.” - Letter from an Audience Member

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Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

“...the show’s success can be attributed to thoughtful direction, an appealing cast and joyous dance sequences that pay homage to the original film.” Randy Cordova, The Arizona Republic!+&utm_campaign=7B+Reviews+%26+Video+&utm_medium=email&nclick_check=1

“With the need for a large cast, all who can sing and dance up a storm, you've got to have a very talented group of actors, and ABT doesn't fail at all with their casting... With a talented cast, superb production elements and wall to wall infectious dancing, ABT has another hit on its hands.” Gil Benbrook,

“The foot-stomping exuberance of the choreography was always the real star of the film, and so it is here with ABT’s theatrical presentation.  Dancers leap over chairs, tables, wood-cutting axes and even each other in a manner that may seem somewhat old-fashioned to a newer generation who rarely get the chance to enjoy such a rollicking, high-energy style, but it’s exactly what made the American musical great, and the vigorous cast of ABT do it so well.” David Appleford, 99.9KEZ!+&utm_campaign=7B+Reviews+%26+Video+&utm_medium=email

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Kiss Me, Kate!

“The show is full of colorful characters all of whom are played by performers who look to be having a grand time of the whole thing as if they’ve turned up for the evening with the attitude of getting out there and simply having fun.” David Appleford, 99.9KEZ

“...the ABT production is dynamic with a high caliber cast, top notch creative elements and some technically savvy direction and choreography.” Gil Benbrook,

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Man of la Mancha

How fortunate that Vincent Cardinal’s current revival [at Connecticut Repertory Theatre]…has made me reevaluate and develop a new appreciation for the piece…The ensemble of various prisoners, guards, nobility and whores all work hard throughout… The energy never flags and the show, overall, is beguiling.” – Jacques Lamarre, Broadway World;?%3E


“Once the show begins and the jungle suddenly comes alive, animal characters either jump and leap about across the stage or swing from side to side on the hanging vines with such athletic prowess its as if Cirque Du Soliel had donned gorilla costumes and moved to darkest Africa.” David Appleford, 99.9KEZ

My Fair Lady

“The ensemble… does a fine job in the multiple "Upstairs Downstairs" roles of servants, nobility and the working poor…[ Choreographer, Charlotte d’Ambois’] reinvention of "With a Little Bit of Luck" and "Get Me to the Church on Time" are athletic bits of fun for [Richard] Ruiz and the chorus and stop the show in both acts.” – Jacques Lamarre,

“The cast sings, acts and moves as a cohesive ensemble and has a great time, winning the audience from the start.” – Susan Hood, The Courrant

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